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Sweet & sour chicken with basmati rice (275g)


  • No added sugar

  • Sweet & sour sauce

  • Delicious veggies and chicken

  • Perfect for lunch or dinner

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The history of sweet and sour chicken dates back to the 18th century China. It is not a coincidence that hundreds of thousands of people love sweet and sour sauce around the world. Its special aroma is simply mesmerizing. The most ‘addictive’ element of this special sauce is the mixture of sugar and vinegar. What makes this sweet and sour chicken special? The fact that is does not contain added sugar, so you don’t have to worry about excess sugar intake.

This amazing dish blends traditional flavours and diet-friendliness. It is full of delicious, spicy veggie sauce, made from red pepper, carrot, bamboo sprout, celery, onion, tomato paste and flavourful, natural spices. Tender chicken pieces make this low carb dish even more irresistible. China Town sweet & sour chicken with basmati rice, delivered right to your doorstep, is a must-have in your kitchen on a busy day.


Basmati rice has been cultivated for thousands of years, mainly in India and Pakistan, at the foot of the Himalayas. It got its eloquent name for one of its special qualities. The meaning of the word basmati is “queen of scents”. Many people use and love it around the world due to its simple and quick preparation, unique taste and smell. Basmati rice is cholesterol free and does not contain gluten. It can also be used well in a diet, as its carb content is absorbed into the bloodstream more slowly than any other rice (its glycemic index is 58), it does not raise blood sugar levels quickly. It is an important source of vitamin B that help the heart, muscles and nervous system function properly. It is easy to digest and its taste is intensely aromatic. It goes well with Asian dishes, salads and basically any dish if you like its unique taste.


The main statement of the diet is to avoid foods high in sugar and starch, such as bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, sweets, desserts, sugar, candies and chocolate. During a low carb diet, the body breaks down fats efficiently because the body’s glycogen stores are depleted, and energy is mostly covered from fat stores. Low carb diet is often much more effective than other diets. This diet can help lower and normalize blood sugar levels. The most frequently mentioned benefits of a low carb diet are weight loss, reduced fat percentage, lower blood sugar, mental freshness and a more balanced digestive system.


Energy: 881 kJ/210 kcal
Fat:  3.23 g
– of which saturates:  0.44 g
Carbohydrates: 32.8 g
– of which sugars:  1.7 g
Fiber: 0.4 g
Protein:  11.04 g
Salt: 1.5 g

Allergen info: The product contains celery. May contain traces of gluten, egg and soy.


Water, chicken breast 23%, chopped vegetables in varying proportions [red pepper, carrot, bamboo sprout (edible acid: citric acid), celery], onion, tomato paste, modified corn starch, pineapple in slightly sour juice [pineapple, drinking water, edible acid: citric acid] , vegetable oil (sunflower), salt, liquid sweetener [water, sweeteners: sucralose, steviol glycoside; acidity regulator: citric acid; preservative: potassium sorbate], spices, edible acid: acetic acid, rice.

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