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Salmon fillets with salad


  • No artificial additives

  • No preservatives

  • Perfect for lunch or dinner

  • Responsibly sourced salmon

  • Healthy veggies

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If salmon is on your “Favourite Food” list, this dish with nutrient-packed veggies and tender, boneless salmon will definitely be your culinary dream come true. The rich, delicious salmon is every dieters’ dream dish. Why? Because it is full of vitamin B12 and omega-3 essential fatty acids. Pro tip: try to serve it with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

This delicious fish dish blends traditional flavours and modern serving techniques. It is loaded with delicious, asparagus, carrot and green beens, also known as harcitos. Tender, juicy and boneless salmon fillets makes this freefrom dish even more irresistible. We at Dietgo know that  spending hours in the kitchen, preparing delicious meals every day can be an extremely exhausting task. The “king of the sea” with nutritious mixed veggies, delivered right to your doorstep, is a must-have in your kitchen on a busy day.


You must have heard this expression: “responsibly sourced fish“. But what does this mean exactly, and why is it important for our team, and our planet? Sustainable and responsible fishing means leaving enough fish in the waters, respecting the habitats of the animals, thus also ensuring the livelihood of people, depending on fishing. During fishing, all activities must be carefully managed to keep other species and habitats healthy. Fishing and sea food farming must comply with relevant regulations and laws, and be able to adapt to changing environmental conditions. The good news is that the salmon we use comes from responsible fisheries waters off the coast of Norway and Scotland to ensure high standards of quality


The fundamental statement of the diet is to avoid foods high in sugar and starch, such as bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, sweets, desserts, sugar, candies and chocolate. During a low carb diet, the body breaks down fats efficiently because the body’s glycogen stores are depleted, and energy is mostly covered from fat stores. Low carb diet is often much more effective than other diets. Low carb diet can help lower and normalize blood sugar levels. The most frequently mentioned benefits of a low carb diet are weight loss, reduced fat percentage, lower blood sugar, mental freshness and a more balanced digestive system.


Energy: 2197 kJ / 545 kcal
Fat:   34.6 g
– of which saturates:  9.6 g
Carbohydrates: 0  g
– of which sugars: 4.25 g
Fiber: 3.8 g
Protein: 53.8 g
Salt:  0.1 g

Warning: Although every care has been taken to remove bones, some may remain. Please, always read the label of the product you receive, before consuming.


Boneless salmon fillets, mixed veggies (asparagus, carrot, haricots)

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